TNBN Phone Engineers & Annual Break Fix Maintenance Contract

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TNBN Telephone Engineers, Maintenance & Support


Telephone System Annual Break Fix Maintenance Contract £699 + VAT per annum

If a problem occurs with your telephone system, you need a company that are quick to react. Our System Break Fix Maintenance Contract covers your telephone system PBX if it has a major fault. We guarantee a response to major system faults within 4 working hours, and within 8 working hours for minor issues. If required, we aim to have an engineer onsite within 24 hours. If a system needs to be changed due to a total breakdown and is deemed unrepairable, we will endeavour to replace it within 48 working hours under our Service Level Agreement. TNBN PBX Break Fix Maintenance terms and conditions can be found at the top of this page under Terms.

Advantages with TNBN Engineers & the Break Fix Maintenance Contract


TNBN has the EU recommended £10 million liability insurance to work in building such as schools, hospitals and businesses.


We have the ability to dial in to most systems for diagnostics and fault reporting. We are also able to offer an emergency divert for all of your incoming calls to an alternative telephone number of your choice during an outage of normal service if your landlines or SIP Trunks service are with TNBN.


TNBN have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers on hand to deal with any type of fault or issue you may have.


TNBN engineers are fully experienced on the installations of new phone systems and re cabling public sector offices within the UK.


TNBN is a nationwide telecommunications company offering national maintenance coverage for the following systems:







TNBN Competitive IT Phone System Engineer Pricing with a Break Fix Maintenance Contract in Place.

For work outside of the System Break Fix Maintenance contract, such as installation of new extensions, replacement cables, system programming, construction charges etc, TNBN 3rd party IT engineer charges are £275 for a call out charge up-to 4 hours, capped at £450 per day for work outside the 4 hours, Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm, with a FREE site survey, if required. (If you have no TNBN Break  fix maintenance contract in place a 3rd party engineer prices are £275 for a call out charge and the 1st hour, capped at £825 per day)

Remote access charges with a TNBN Annual Break Fix Maintenance Contract in place are charged at £20 per hour and £275 per hour without a TNBN Annual Break Fix Maintenance Contract capped at £825 per day.

All fees above do not include cables (£2 per metre) and sockets (£75 each) and conduit (£5.50 per metre) if required. TNBN 3rd party IT engineer‘s working on Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays, and any work after 6pm Monday to Friday charge a further £125 overtime fee.

All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Charges for the installation of new IP handsets

This includes call out charge, programming, and one-off IP telephone license fees. (If you have no TNBN Break  fix maintenance contract in place a further £35 will be added to each phone, per phone below)

  • Panasonic NT321 = £85
  • Panasonic NT511 = £95
  • Panasonic NT553 = £125
  • Panasonic NT556 = £145
  • Yeo Link IP Dect Handsfree Phone £175
  • Wi-Fi Units (if required to operate IP phones over Wi-Fi if no CAT5/6 e networks sockets are available) £99 per unit.

All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT.

TNBN Policy on identity when visiting a customer premises
  • Policy on proof of identity

All TNBN engineers undergo pre-employment vetting, and are issued with a photo ID card, which MUST be presented when entering your site. All TNBN Subcontractor engineers can provide their own ID at your discretion as proof of Identity.

On the rear of the card there is a number and explanation on how to confirm that the engineer is on official TNBN business. If the engineer does not present a valid identity card, is not the person on the card or there is any doubt, you can refuse access and call TNBN on 0800 019 5562.

Engineers are not required to present proof of identity such as passports or driving licenses as the TNBN identity card provides an equivalent and more readily verified proof of identity. Engineers are instructed that they should ONLY hand over their identity card in exceptional circumstances and then on receipt of a site pass card or token. In these circumstances they MUST be confident that their card is securely stored by a security guard or similar and may ask for a signed receipt for the card.

  • Accessing government sites

TNBN will comply with any official government clearance system and process which is required to meet National Security requirements at Government and MOD sites. The use of these clearances and process are not permitted outside government sponsored sites.

  • Accessing other customer premises

TNBN complies with the requirements for access to sites where there is a legal requirement for health and safety training, limiting access to those with the appropriate training.
TNBN do not provide enhanced vetting or DBS checks for TNBN engineers or subcontractors visiting any other commercial or Local government sites such as schools and hospitals. There is currently no legislation or mandatory requirement for this.

  • Customer work scheduling

TNBN operates a fair work scheduling system to ensure we can cover engineering tasks as effectively as possible. We will provide you with the name of the engineer that will be visiting your premises.