Hacking Security

Phone System Hacking – Why? – How?

Prevention help

Considering the recent issues surrounding the ways criminals are hacking phone systems to make free illegal International calls, We feel it best to inform you and explain why, and how this is happening, and what you can do to help prevent it.

We can only help you with some guidance on the problem and therefore ask you to consider your options and come back to us with any questions.

There have been thousands of customers that have been hit with bills ranging from £1000 to the most extreme cases of customers being hit with a £20,000 phone bill.

Why and how are systems hacked? Please watch the online video

Two options to help with the problem

1. TNBN Hacking Detection Fraud Warning System – £19.99 per month for all TNBN Landline & Calls Customers

If you have a landline or calls only telephone account with TNBN, we can set up a manned billing fraud monitoring solution for £19.99 per month. We shall manually check your itemised calls daily so that if any suspect International calls are made we can contact you to see if you have made these genuinely. We shall also set an agreed threshold billing amount on your account. Should your bill reach the set amount, we will be sent an email from our network providers alerting us that there is an issue with usual high call volumes. We can then contact you to see if the volumes of calls are genuine or if we have detected a potential hacking attempt. If a hacking attempt seems genuine we shall normally automatically bar all International calls until we investigate the problem further. Should you have been hacked we can advise on changing the system and voice mail passwords to help stop the hack and avoid a costly phone bill.

Please contact us if you require further information or would like to set up a telephone account with TNBN with the Hacking Detection Fraud Warning System in place.

Legal: TNBN must also advise you that unfortunately, if you are hacked with or without any service in place you are still responsible and liable to pay the bill under our contract T&C’s. We can only advise and put measures in place with our providers to try and help you keep the costs of a hack as minimal as possible. When call spend thresholds are breached, alerts are sent to TNBN Monday –Friday, 09.00-17.00, only and not in real time, ie a breach on Monday will not be alerted until the following 24 hours.

DISCLAIMER: This alert is provided to you on a voluntary and ad hoc basis. There is no contractual service or other obligation under which TNBN is required to supply such alerts. We reserve the right to stop providing these alerts at any time but if we do we will let you know by sending an email to the email address to which we send these alerts. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any alerts nor do we make any assertion about the nature or status of the calls highlighted in the alerts. You are required to pay for all calls in accordance with the terms of your contractual agreement with us.

Solution 2: Control Phreak Software

The company featured in the BBC video can offer advice on hacking and can also offer you – Control Phreak Purchasable Software.

Control Phreak is a piece of software loaded onto your PC which can detect if your system is being hacked. Rules are set within the software to meet your own individual requirements. Therefore, if a rule is broken the software will perceive this as a potential hack and terminate the call. For example, Extension 221 may be set up so that when you are not in the office the calls are forwarded to your mobile number. You can set the software to understand that if any other number other than your mobile is being dialled it disconnects the call instantly. The software, in short will kill any call that you have not set the rules for and avoid a costly international call from appearing on your phone bill.

What Control Phreak Software does – Please watch the online video

Control Phreak Criteria
This is the very best software on the market but currently only works with Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung Hipath and Alcatel phone systems.

You must have a PC on all the time that sits on both your LAN and Phone System.

Installation Method
Control Phreak will call you and download the software to your PC remotely, and will set up all the rules with you via their on line support team.

If you would like to talk to this company please contact:

The Callista Group Limited | UK/Europe Sales & Support Centre
Communications House, 26 York Street London W1U 6PZ |UK
Tel + 44(0)1608 610025

Email: sales@callista.net Website: www.callista.net

DISCLAIMER: TNBN is providing you information on Callista Software free of charge. There is no contractual service between TNBN and Callista. Any transaction you make between your company and Callista are solely at your own discretion. We do not guarantee their service works and nor do we make any assertion about the nature of their business. You are required to pay for all calls in accordance with the terms of your contractual agreement with us. Any charges and payments relating to Callista and any Callista products, including Control Phreak, are arranged between the two parties involved, and does not concern TNBN Ltd.