BT Telephone Systems

The BT Versatility is one of the most popular low-cost current digital telephone systems available on the market today.

The BT Versatility is usually only available new from BT, but TNBN can provide our customers with New & Refurbished BT Versatility Systems, BT Versatility Support and BT Versatility Upgrades which include additional line cards, additional extension cards, voicemail cards, v8 and v16 handsets, and new curly and line cords.

Our BT Versatility engineers can install and maintain and help with problems encountered by BT Versatility users, even if not installed by TNBN.

If you are a small business looking for a budget telephone system then a BT Versatility is perhaps the best solution on the market. If you need a mixture of the below features then BT Versatility would be a suitable Business Telephone System for your organisation.



  • Analogue, ISDN 2e or ISDN 30e
  • Voicemail (company/personal)
  • Auto-Attendant (basic)
  • Call Diversion/Forwarding
  • Conference Call (basic)
  • Courtesy Message
  • Hotel Features (Hospitality)
  • Hunt Groups and ring groups
  • Music on Hold (internal/external)
  • Speed Dials (system or personal)

TNBN hold stock of BT Versatility Systems, Cards and Telephone Handsets. We also specialise in BT Versatility Installation of brand new, refurbished and second-user BT Versatility phone systems. As the BT Versatility is a modular system you can start with a 2 line + 8 extension solution and add additional cards and modules when you have a requirement to expand. If you need to expand then click on our BT Versatility Upgrade Cards section to purchase additional cards and modules for your system.

If you need help with a BT Versatility Telephone System or would be interested in purchasing the system please call us FREE on 0800 019 5562

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