Procedure To Install Lines Into A New Building

Guidelines to connect your new building to the BT Network by Openreach & provision lines by Tnbn Ltd

If you are planning on opening a new building such as offices or a school, your building team will need to take some steps regarding the procedure of organising and liaising with Openreach (a BT Group Business) to bring in the telephone lines from the local telephone exchange.

As the building is your building, it is down to you or your building contractors to arrange the service install with BT/Openreach and not the telephone company you plan to use.

Depending on the size of the building and how many lines you expect the building to need, both now and possibly in the future, will effect your costs during installation with Openreach. If you think the building will only need 5 lines then you need to request that Openreach install a 10 pair cable, 10 lines a 20 pair cable, 25 lines a 50 pair cable, if you need more lines than this then they will be able to advise you. They will bring the lines in from the exchange and you will more than likely have to have trenches dug in place with pipes and pull strings ready to pull the cables through.

Once you have spoken to Openreach regarding your new build they will come and visit you to carry out a site survey and to discuss with you the best route to bring the lines into the building. When the survey is complete, they will provide you a quote for the work. Once you accept their quote for charges, they will arrange a date with you to install the new lines into the new building.

In the new building they will normally install a box called a distribution point otherwise known as a DP. The 10 or 20 pair cable (for example) that they bring into the new building will be connected into the DP. From the DP and depending how you have constructed the in house cabling of your building (Cat5e / Cat6 cable) you can now construct your telephone points (for phones) around the building and have a telephone system installed by TNBN. TNBN can help with the install of cat5e or cat6 networks for your PC’s and telephones to plug into around the building and can offer excellent advice on the construction of this service due to many years of completing such jobs.

The cables that Openreach will have installed into the building at this point will be redundant and you will need to contact TNBN to provision the lines and make them live as Openreach can’t carry out this part of the work alone. TNBN will speak to Openreach and place the orders for all the phone lines. Openreach will then re attend site and install main telephone sockets around the building or in a comms server room.

Once TNBN have provisioned the types of phone lines you require we will automatically be your telephone service provider, and will bill you monthly for the rental of the phone lines e.t.c.

Should you need to speak to Openreach to arrange lines into your new building please contact them by using this link which will take you to the construction part of their website

Quickstep guide on procedure.

  1. Contact Openreach to arrange site survey.
  2. Arrange date with Openreach to connect their network to the new building and install DP.
  3. Install the in house comms network around the building using TNBN or an alternative company of your choice.
  4. Install a telephone system to operate the buildings communication network.
  5. Arrange with TNBN to provision the phone lines – Openreach will work on our behalf to install phone sockets in the building or comms server room.
  6. TNBN will connect the main lines that Openreach have installed into the new telephone system and programme the lines to operate.
  7. Job completed.

Should you need any further help please call TNBN on Freephone 0800 019 5562.