The National Schools Budget Telecom Plan – The UK's lowest fixed line rental for educational sites. Register today on a 31 day trial and reduce your bills by up-to 70%

How it works

If you are paying BT (or another carrier other than Virgin Media) for your phone lines and calls, you can opt into the National Schools and Business Budget Telecom Plan and pay reduced rates for your phone lines and calls. Opting in is totally free of charge and based on a simple 31 day rolling contract with no exit fees if you cancel and return back to BT or your previous phone provider. Please see the information below showing all your savings and opt in today for FREE.

Line Rental (any type of line) £13.50 per month per line

Local & National Calls ONLY 0.89p per minute any time of day

UK Mobiles ONLY 2.5p per minute anytime of day

We understand some a schools may require a few quotes before you can opt in so we have taken the time to do the leg work for you and give you the information that you require.

TNBNBTTalk TalkAdept TelecomVirgin Media
Monthly Line Rental (per line)£13.50£23.50£19.20£18.53£25.00
Local calls per minute0.89p3.36p2.6p1.55p2p
National calls per minute0.89p6.73p2.8p1.55p2p
UK mobile calls per minute2.5p17.5p14.2p9.5p8.5p
Minimum call chargesNone4.2p2pnonenone
Contract31 Days24 Months18 Months24 Months24 Months
Exit feesNoneYesYesYesYes
Prices Fixed2 YearsNot FixedNot FixedNot FixedNot Fixed

Rates correct as from 20/1/2016 as verified by providers websites. Exit fees usually are based on your line rental and average call spend times the remainder of your contract if you leave early and the penalty is issued.  TNBN has no leaving penalty for any line you transfer to us, giving you complete control over your phone service.

Other Fantastic reasons to opt into The National Schools Budget Telecom Plan

  • Lines and Calls wholesaled across the BT wholesale platform reducing costs
  • Free to join saving you money on transfer fees
  • Leading 31 day rolling contract with no penalty charges if you cancel when providing notice
  • Monthly paperless billing by TNBN with full reports and analyst stats
  • International calls 50% less than BT standard rates
  • No extra charges for cheque or Bacs payments
  • Exceptional manned UK based customer service
  • Standard Line Faults fixed by Openreach with 24 hours via BT Openreach service level 2
  • Main line faults can be diverted to available landlines or mobiles ensuring continuity of service
  • For a full list of rates please click here

TNBN has a full code of practise with Ofcom. We are members of The Ombudsman Services. We have the recommended EU £5 liability insurance to operate within educational sites across the UK as well as holding £100,000 indemnity insurance.