Switching to TNBN

Switch to TNBN one of the UK’s most reliable wholesale phone network and keep your number.

Bring your existing number from your current landline service provider to TNBN for FREE via a market leading 31 day contract with no penalty charges if you cancel.

  • No new number to remember
  • No need to contact dozens of business associates
  • No unnecessary expense printing new stationary or business cards

How to switch to TNBN FAQs

If you’re looking to switch to TNBN from your current telephone provider, our FAQs will help you get started.

Do I need to tell my current provider that I'm leaving?

YES. TNBN advises all customers to check your contract landline obligations before leaving. In a small number of cases, you may need a MAC code from your current provider to bring your Broadband service over – we’ll let you know if this applies to you.

*If you’re switching from Virgin Media (cable), you will need to cancel your Broadband service once your phone number has moved to TNBN.

How long does it take to switch?

The time it takes to switch depends on your current provider but it normally takes around 2 weeks.

Switching from BT and other providers

If you already have an active phone line in your business, the switch will take approximately two weeks from when you placed your order with us. On the day of the switch, there will be a short loss of service while the switch takes place – you should expect to have no dial tone for around five minutes, followed by 20 minutes of not being able to receive any incoming calls. We normally switch at midnight to minimise any loss of day time service.

Switching from Virgin Media (cable) or no working phone line

If you are switching from Virgin Media (cable) or don’t currently have an active phone line, we’ll try and switch on your line remotely. If this isn’t possible, we’ll book an engineer appointment for a time that suits you, and remind you of the appointment closer to the date. Your wait time will depend on the availability of your engineer.

What phone number will I get?

You can bring your phone number with you from your current provider. If you do not currently have a telephone number, we’ll provide you with one.

How do I track the progress of my order?

Once you have placed your TNBN order, the dedicated TNBN Switch Squad will work behind the scenes to ensure your order progresses smoothly. You can track your order by calling is on freephone 0800 019 5562 or sending us an email via the contact us page.

Can I change my installation date?

If we need to send an engineer to your business to install the new phone line, this will be done by an Openreach engineer on TNBN’s behalf. You can change your installation date up to 48 hours before your scheduled engineer visit by calling us on freephone 0800 019 5562 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm .

* A full copy of the switching terms and conditions can be located on the T&C’s menu on the TNBN web site.