Pay only £9.99 per month for each Panasonic digital or IP handset, and get a totally new onsite Panasonic IP phone system installed for free (with no annual maintenance fees ) allowing you to make FREE UK & mobile calls over your internet connection.

What’s the big deal – The TNBN all in phone system deal.

One price £9.99 per handset – Be in control of your costs with no worries or hidden charges with a transparent offer.

  • Free Panasonic IP telephone system installed for FREE

  • Have a main receiption handset and digital display handsets for the offices and classrooms

  • Have functions set up for FREE such as auto attendant ``press one for this and two for that``, voice mail, in calling hunt groups, night mode and holiday messaging services, quick memory dial

  • NO annual break fix maintenance contracts but still receive a 48 hour Service Level Agreement. If the system breaks down we shall fix or replace it for FREE

  • 5 year contract - after the 5 years you can continue to rent or hand back the system with no exit fees

  • Have new extensions installed or your system relocated to a comms room by TNBN engineers (for an additional fee) at rates of up-to 60% less than Openreach cable engineers.

  • Optional phone service plan where we can bill you for phone lines and calls (via our National Schools Budget Telecom Plan used by over 2000 UK schools) reducing your costs by some 30% per annum

  • We can connect the PBX to your Data network (for free) enabling you to make and receive calls over VOIP whilst reducing your line rental to £4 per line.

Contact us today and we shall include a FREE tannoy announcement system that works through all the onsite telephone handsets within the building

 Example “Can Johnny Smith from class 3c come to the headmasters office please – thank you “

Complete the form below and we shall contact you back within 24 hours.

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(TNBN charges £90 per hour capped at £395 for a full day for all additional work which will be added to your first TNBN invoice once the Panasonic IP system is installed and working)

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