Panasonic Telephone Systems

Panasonic KX-NCP Range The Panasonic Network Communication Platforms (KX-NCP) are advanced business communication solutions designed to enable companies to easily implement Unified Communications. The NCP platforms improve lines of communications using presence to enhance and streamline business communications with customers as well as work colleagues.

The KX-NCP500 OneNet is an advanced communication solution ideal for up 64 users, equipped with voicemail, digital and IP telephone support, digital, IP network trunks and applications. The solution is ideal for up 64 users, equipped with voicemail, digital and IP telephone support, digital, IP network trunks and applications

The KX-NCP 1000 offers the same functionality but for up to 100 users. As with the TDE range, the NCP range of platforms is now powered by OneNet, offering one common feature set available across the entire family of Panasonic communication platforms. This in turn offers:

  • Extensive Feature Transparency Across Multiple Locations and Users.
  • Scalable solutions for growth and deployment through enhanced IP capacity.
  • Enhanced Applications, such as Intuitive Multi-party Conference & Collaboration and CTI enhancements.

OneNet provides organisations with the ability to create virtual teams across multiple networked sites and share resources more efficiently through key enhancements in features such as Call Distribution, Centralised Voicemail, Multi-party conferencing and Mobile integration.

Features and benefits

Facilitating more effective ways to communicate with both your employees and customers, the NCP platforms allow anytime anywhere access to a whole host of business communication applications via a range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices. NCP platforms enable businesses to effectively reach, serve and retain customers. Features and benefits include:

  • Presence – Allowing everyone in your business to always stay in touch.
  • Improved Team Productivity – Achieving more using integrated applications.
  • Advanced Mobility – Using common business tools, in the office, working at home, or on the road.
  • Enhancing Customer Responsiveness – Using integrated applications to speed up and monitor your customer service levels.
  • Optimised Business Processes – Using business tools for individuals, teams and Group Supervisors

How we can help

TNBN is a main supplier Panasonic telephone systems in the UK. We are qualified to install and maintain all Panasonic systems and only use in-house engineering for all service and support. Our Panasonic engineers can install and maintain and help with problems encountered by Panasonic users, even if not installed by TNBN.

Having installed literally hundreds of Panasonic systems we are perfectly placed to advise you on the most appropriate system for your business. Whether you are considering a new Panasonic telephone system or upgrading an existing legacy system, we can support your business.

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