Panasonic IP System – Connecting you to the ISDN & Multiline replacement SIP TRUNKS ready for the network switch over in 2025.

SIP Trunks will reduce your line rental to £4.99 per month

Receive this system FREE on a 5 year term – that you get to own

“An amazing offer too good to turn down, TNBN installed the system and reduced our costs – in total we have saved over £4000”
Danesfield School

How does the 5 year plan work?

  • Register all your existing phone lines and calls to TNBN on a 5 year term
  • We will supply you the IP Phone System, with your required amount of handsets, and will switch & connect your main lines to SIP Trunks ready for 2025
  • The first 12 months warranty is free and for the remaining 4 years you are required take a TNBN break fix maintenance contract that will cost just £4.99 per day
  • Once the 5 year term is completed you will own the IP Phone System and have the option to continue with the break fix maintenance package
  • You will receive a gold SLA that means any system faults will be responded to within the hour Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm. Should the system be faulty TNBN will fix or replace the system for FREE within 48 hours
  • HUGE Future Savings with TNBN SIP TRUNKS Your main line rental will be charged at just £4.99 per SIP Trunk with calls costing just 1ppm UK Landline and 3ppm UK mobile or pay £15 per month and get 5000 bundled UK Landline & Mobile minutes per month, per SIP Trunk. Any standard Lines (Alarm lines, Lift Lines etc) will be charged at £16.50 per month with a free add on Openreach care level service 2, which offers standard line fixes for FREE within 24 hours Mon-Fri from 8am -6pm

Note: All prices above are excluding VAT. The 5 year plan installation is classed as like for like with your current working extensions and does not include new extensions installed or any other major works such as new socket installations or cabling etc, however we are happy to quote for any extra work – Please complete the form below and let us know if you require any additional services.

The Panasonic IP system can be programmed to work on traditional phone lines as well as SIP/ VOIP providing your business with substantial savings

The system has many features including:

  • Auto attendant i.e. “Press 1 for sales, 2 for faults, 3 for finance etc”

  • Voice mail

  • Out of office announcements

  • Hunt groups

  • Speed dial

  • Tannoy announcements via Handset Speakers

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We/ I understand that TNBN will Install the IP Phone System into our comms room within our comms cabinet with our required amount of IP Handsets for FREE based on the TNBN 60 month Terms Free IP System & Services contract. We/I agree to pay £4.99 +vat per day (billed up front for the year) for TNBN Break Fix Maintenance for 4 years after the first 12 months from date of installation. We/I understand that the TNBN Break Fix Maintenance Package will offer a Gold Service Level Agreement (SLA) included for FREE in the package that means that any IP Phone System faults will be responded to within an hour Mon-Friday from 9am – 5pm excluding public and bank holidays. We/I Understand that any phone lines other than SIP TRUNKS will be charged at £16.50 per month with UK calls costing 1ppm and UK mobile 3ppm.

TNBN 60 month Terms Free IP System & Services | T&C's for UC Office PBX and SIP Trunks | TNBN Break Fix Maintenance T&C’s

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TNBN Information on SIP Trunks

What is happening & why do I require a new phone system?

Openreach have announced that they will no longer support existing traditional analogue multi-line, ISDN2 or ISDN30 channels by 2020 and will be switching the network off entirely by 2025. The UK is to switch to a single IP network delivering faster, clearer and more cost effective communications. Please Click here to read the Openreach statement regarding withdrawal of service.

Why is this happening?

Today’s business climate calls for reliability, agility and flexibility. In order to deliver on these core goals, the tools companies need to communicate to their customers and the wider world must be future ready and fit for purpose. However, that is not always the case and most companies are still relying on traditional phone lines or ISDN technology for communications, most of which are now becoming obsolete in a business environment where terms of interaction are dictated by increasingly demanding customers. The UK’s current network relies heavily on physical infrastructure, specifically copper wiring, which takes up space within a business premises and requires resources to administer and maintain. Similarly, it is hard and costly to add new phone lines and requires physical addition and can take up-to 14 days to install. Physical ISDN or Multi-line monthly line rental costs are also expensive along with high call charges. The traditional phone network has no real security and phone systems can easily be hacked undetected for dial through fraud and can cost a customer thousands in unwanted bills. Faults on the current network can take days to fix and with noisy lines and dead tones the current network is simply out of date.

What is the replacement?

The future ready replacement is SIP Trunking. SIP is a ready made replacement for traditional multi-lines and ISDN, connecting a business phone system to the IP network via broadband, ethernet or a private circuit. SIP Trunking works through data centres rather than the local exchange so there is no physical connection meaning less space taken up and less to maintain. As there is no physical connection you can scale lines up and down in minutes by calling your service provider. SIP Trunks are inexpensive to run with call costs at a fraction of the price of traditional phone rates. The IP network has multiple layers of security and TNBN can set provisions on call spend to automatically detect dial through fraud. The IP network works on HD sound quality and is 99.99% resilient with back up data centres for disaster recovery. Should a fault occur you can re-route calls to an available landline or mobile within seconds offering better continuity of service.

What do I need to switch onto IP

You will require a good broadband connection (fibre, ethernet or a private circuit) which will hold a number of phone calls at any one time, an IP onsite or cloud based phone system.

Are my phone services at risk if I don’t switch to IP?

Yes, you are required to make the switch or you risk losing your phone service if is no longer supported or is switched off by Openreach. There are currently over 2 million traditional multi lines & ISDN services in place so it’s best to make the switch sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.

Can we keep our same phone number?

Yes, TNBN has a porting system that allows us to transfer your current phone number to the IP network.

Do I need to be involved in the switch over to IP?

No, TNBN offers a fully managed switching process from start to finish.


As the budget belt is being tightened, and costs for telecommunications are on the rise, TNBN is your number one choice based on our high service levels, low rates and never having a single complaint filed against us with OFCOM since we have been in operation. We work alongside a combination of main stream providers to ensure a smooth transition from traditional phone service to IP.