New Phone Lines

TNBN Business Line Installations by Openreach.

Please contact us to discuss any pricing queries on 0800 019 5562 or use the contact us
page on the home screen. Please see below pricing for new installations and monthly rental costs for different types of phone lines.

Single Analogue Line
Redcare Alarm Line
Emergency Lift Line
DDI numbers


Monthly Line Rental
£18.10 per channel
£18.10 per channel
£1.00 each

FAQ’s when placing a new line order with TNBN

From date of order how long will my line take to be installed?

This shall depend on the type of line you order. A Single Analogue line, Redcare Alarm line or Emergency lift line will take up-to 16 working days from date of order. ISDN2 and ISDN30 can take up-to 6 weeks to install as digital lines need to go to a planning team at Openreach before they can be installed.

How will I know when my line will be installed?

TNBN staff will email you with confirmation of the date your line will be installed. If we receive no reply we shall contact you by telephone or letter to advise of the install date.

Can I cancel my order once placed?

You can cancel your order up until 48 hours before the install date. Should you cancel after this time you still may be charged for the cost of the installation.

Who will install my phone lines?

All TNBN phone lines are installed by Openreach who are a BT Group business. Openreach maintain and install nearly all phone lines (other than virgin media /cable lines) in the UK.

Which network will my phone lines be connected to?

TNBN operates its wholesale services over the BT network.

How is TNBN able to bill me less for my monthly line rental charges than if I go direct to BT retail?

TNBN is a wholesale phone company. We purchase our lines and calls via third party companies giving us access to BT wholesale rates. This means instead of you paying higher charges with BT retail we are able to buy the same services at a much lower cost and pass the savings onto you.

Who bills us for the line?

TNBN will bill you directly for your phone lines

Who do I call if I have a fault on the line and what are the service level agreements for fix times?

If you have a fault please call TNBN on Freephone 0800 019 5562 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. If you are calling out of hours please dial 0845 177 0999.

Openreach Policy on identity when visiting a customer premises

  • Policy on proof of identity

All Openreach engineers undergo pre-employment vetting, and are issued with a photo ID card, which MUST be presented when requesting your site.
There is a number (0800 321 999) on the rear of the card and an explanation on how to confirm that the engineer is on official business. If the engineer does not present a valid identity card , is not the person on the card or there is any doubt, you can refuse access and call BT security on 0800 321 999.

Engineers are not required to present proof of identity such as passports or driving licenses as the BT identity card provides an equivalent and more readily verified proof of identity. Engineers are instructed that they should ONLY hand over their identity card in exceptional circumstances and then on receipt of a site pass card or token. In these circumstances they MUST be confident that their card is securely stored by a security guard or similar and may ask for a signed receipt for the card.

  • Accessing government sites

Openreach complies with the official government clearance system and process which is required to meet National Security Requirements at Government and MOD sites. The use of these clearances and process are not permitted outside government sponsored sites.

  • Accessing other customer premises

Openreach complies with the requirements for access to sites where there is a legal requirement for health and safety training, limiting access to those with the appropriate training.
Openreach do not provide enhanced vetting or CRB checks for Openreach engineers visiting any other commercial or Local government sites such as schools and hospitals. There is currently no legislation or mandatory requirement for this.

  • Customer work Scheduling

Openreach operates an agile work scheduling system to make sure we can cover engineering tasks as effectively as possible and are not able to inform customers of the name of the allocated engineer in advance or allocate names engineers.

The key differences in support depend on the Openreach Service Level taken out on a circuit. The Openreach fault clearance times for the different Service Levels are detailed below: Please note Service Level 1 is for residential customers only. Service levels 2,3 and 4 are for business customers. Service level 2 is FREE for all UK business. Service levels 3 & 4 incur an additional cost for each line it is applied to and this charge will be shown separately on your monthly bill. To add service level 3 or 4 to your account please call TNBN on freephone 0800 019 5562 or contact us via the contact us page.

Service Level 1 (Basic Lines Only)
EONWD+1: End of Next Working Day plus an additional Working Day, Monday to Friday excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Thursday

Service Level 2 (FREE)
EONWD: End of Next Working Day, Monday to Saturday excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Wednesday.

Service Level 3 (£5 per month)
EONHWD: End of Next Half Working Day, Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays. For example, report 13.00, clear by 23.59 the same day. Report after 13.00 clear by 12.59 the next day. Please note engineers only work 0700 hrs to 2100 hrs.

Service Level 4 (£6 per month)
Clear within 6 hours, any time of day, any day of the year

T&C’s apply to all line rental installations and can be located on the T&C’s tab of this web site.