“My husband saves around £25 a month in call costs which helps him stretch his limited budget - he now has extra cash for food, paper and stamps - HMPrisonCall is a superb service”

Mary Townsend

HMPrisonCALL allows your loved one to call you on your mobile from a prison PIN pay phone for the cost of a prison local call (approx 6p per minute) instead of paying approximately 40p a minute

The cost to you is just £14.99 per month service charge plus 5p per minute for each diverted call from the prison to your mobile, payable by monthly Direct Debit.
  • You choose your 01/02 number to suit your local area code (e.g. 020 London, 0151 Liverpool

  • You tell us which mobile number to point the 01/02 number

  • Your loved one adds that number to their PIN and informs the prison of the number

  • They then call you on the 01/02 number diverting to your mobile saving themselves up-to 85% on call costs

  • No need to keep topping up - pay £14.99 per month for the service plus 5p per minute for each inbound call to your mobile.

  • Stop your account on their release - No exit fees

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